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Ghost Signals is a solo tabletop roleplaying game contained on two tri-fold pamphlets. Ghost Signals  invites players to expand the stories wrought by the events of Project Terminus, and is designed to help players experience another fragment of this post-cataclysm world. 

Ghost Signals is heavily influenced by Richard Matheson's classic post-apocalyptic horror novel I am Legend, along with its various cinematic and theatrical interpretations. 


After the events of the Cataclysm the cities were the first to fall to the chaos. Unrest, food shortages, and a massive power grid failure made the odds of survival incredibly slim for those that could not not get, but it was the anomalies that ultimately sealed their fate.

The anomalies distorted everything in their wake.

There are no people here anymore, only ghosts. What remains of their humanity has been consumed and distorted. 

Only the Nocturnalia remain.

You are alone. 

This was your city.

It is not safe. 

Now you have returned to search for the source of a mysterious radio transmission and the person behind the broadcasts.


-The two Ghost Signals tri-fold pamphlets

-A deck of playing cards

-One or more d6 dice 

-Pen and Paper


While not required to play Ghost Signals, players are highly encouraged (when possible) to use a map of the city where they live, alongside recordings from an actual play of the game Project Terminus (releasing late 2022) as tools to produce a more robust play experience.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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