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I think there's something i'm missing in the Draw Phase section and I would like some clarification.

Point 2 - Consult the Primary Card Tables as needed. What does this mean? Because the 3 and 4 are basically this.

And I'm not quite sure if I'm supposed to solve each card in the same order they are drawn or if they have to be discarded one by one. Do you take the four cards and solve them without putting any of them in the discard pile?

English is not my mother language, apologies if I said something wrong and thank you for your time.

Hey! Sorry for the confusion!

There is a bit of redundancy there, but the hope was that it would make it more clear and not more confusing. My apologies. 

So, basically you will draw four cards and they will all work together to determine what happens during that round and  the content of your broadcast. You can choose to discard them one by one or simply keep them all until you read through each prompt and  have made your broadcast.  You do not have to follow the order they are drawn because all four cards work together for that round. You are free to interpret the prompts that they give however you wish and weave them together in whatever way makes sense for the story. 

I hope this helps!