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Oracle card decks are in many respects similar to tarot cards and are tools that can be used for self-reflection and spiritual practice. There is no historical standard for Oracle card decks and they can vary greatly in art design, card size, number of cards, and symbolism.


The Bright Oracle is an oracle card deck designed with a minimalist aesthetic and a two-fold purpose in mind. These cards can be used by individuals like any regular Oracle deck as a tool for self reflection or spiritual practice or they can be used as a system agnostic tool for table top role-playing game magic and spell casting systems.  This deck is a type of test run / beta before we finish development on a full seventy-two card oracle deck that we hope to bring to full scale production sometime in 2022. For now you can purchase a digital print-n-play version here on itch or a print-on-demand physical copy. You can find more information about the two ways to purchase below.


You can purchase the print-n-play  version of The Bright Oracle here on itch for $5. This includes printable files for all twenty-two cards in the deck as well as a PDF of the magic rules system. 


You can purchase a physical copy of The Bright Oracle HERE for $16 through our print on demand service. This version also includes the  printable files for all twenty-two cards in the deck as well as a PDF of the magic rules system. 


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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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