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The Tower is a small building, located at a high vantage point in a vast and unusual forest with a name of little concern. You are an unlikely inhabitant of The Tower who has came came here, for your own reasons, to be what is known as a "fire lookout.” Your sole responsibility is to watch for wildfires and report them over the course of the six month fire season. You are virtually alone in this vast wilderness in an area off limits to hikers, roughly a two days hike from the ranger station, and far beyond the reaches of modern civilization and all of it’s amenities. After a long hike, and arduous climb you made your way to the top of this modest shelter that you will call home for the next half of a year. The Tower is equipped with binoculars, a CB-Radio, a small writing desk, a well worn bed, a small propane generator to power your lights, and enough MREs and supplies to last during your six month hermitage.

The Tower is a one page TTRPG designed as a part of the Paradox Press / Games monthly one page game release project. 

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorParadox Press / Games
TagsSolo RPG, Tabletop role-playing game


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It was my first solo-journaling game ever and I spent an amazing moment! 

The ambiance around the Tower and all the events linked to the stay of my character Laura were terrific, and made my imagination work very hard. Thank you very much!

So glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for the kind words!